Incoming Mobility

OIA FAS-UGM commits to develop collaborations with international relations. We also have missions to improve the number of incoming mobilities in FAS UGM. 

Incoming mobility of international professor in FAS UGM:

The database of incoming professors below shows the record of mobility since 2005 until present day. The international mobility of professors mostly to join short term program such as conference, academic and research collaboration, invited as guest lecturers and speakers.

To maintain the updated data for professors incoming mobilities in FAS UGM. You can help us to record your activities in FAS UGM by filling in this on line form. All data will be verified by the administrator before published in the website. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Incoming mobility of International Students in FAS UGM:

Data for Incoming students are recorded based on foreign students academic activities and visits to
Faculty of Animal Science UGM. International students join short term program such as
internship, student exchange, summer course, short course on halal science, cultural exchange, conference, and academic visit. Some of them also take a long term program like degree program.